It’s a date in the calendar that many of our students look forward to and this year was no exception. After signing up and receiving their special invitations during PART lesson, students from all year groups were looking forward to the treats in store at our special Harry Potter evening event.

Mrs Gill said, ‘Our library was magically transformed under a candlelit ceiling as students were transported to an evening of Harry Potter activities. Our brilliant sixth form student helpers expertly supervised each activity of Quidditch, wand duels, Triwizard dragons, potion riddles plus refreshments of Butter Beer and sorting hat cupcakes. All student muggles and wizards in training were also treated to a hands-on experience with our visiting owls from Norfolk Wild Encounters. The evening was a resounding success and it was wonderful to see so many students from all year groups joining in the fun, with many already planning for next year!’

Mirren, Year 7, attended the event and tells us all about it from her perspective. ‘Harry Potter night was on the 3rd of February 2022. It was a place where Harry Potter fans or non-Harry Potter fans met to have an amazing night of fun! There was wand duelling, a real owl visit, butterbeer with Hogsmeade treats,  Goblet of Fire target, tabletop quidditch and loads of prizes were won for games and best costumes!

Wand duelling was in the English corridor. The two opponents had to stand back-to-back, cover their eyes and put their hand in a bag to find out what spell they had to cast. We had the most ridiculous spells to the evilest spells from Lumious to Avada Kerdava.

Tabletop quidditch involved a very competitive game of trying to throw ping pong balls through the Quidditch mini goalposts and try to get it into one of the plastic cups. There were three white balls and a golden one and if you got the golden ball in one of the cups, they got double points for their team! 

The Goblet of Fire target had little paper dragons that we had to throw into the goblet of fire that was made especially for this magical event! We had to stand a metre away from the target and throw the dragons. If it landed in the Goblet, we would gain one point.’

Malachi, who participated in the event, gave an explanation for the owl activity and said, “In the owl activity on the night our groups entered the dance studio to find out that the school was able to have owls brought in for the special event. Almost everyone in the group was able to hold the wondrous animals. As well as this, the kind staff let us see many of the owls that they had. It was a truly wonderful experience.”

Ella commented, “I really enjoyed Harry Potter night. It was something fun and exciting to do after school and I look forward to more things like this!”

Mirren said “Harry Potter night was definitely the event for me! We had lots of fun and we all got to dress up. I was Luna Lovegood and one of my close friends dressed up as Harry! It was really fun kind of pretending to be someone who you admire so much in a fictional book and genuinely it was cool being the weirdest girl in the book.”

Brigita mentioned “It was really fun especially the owls which we were able to hold, they were very fluffy and cute. I also liked wearing my Hogwarts related clothes to this fun after school event.”

There were lots more positive comments from students about the whole experience:


“As we walked through the 9 and 3/4 platform we got sorted into either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw (that’s what I was). After that you sat at your table in the great hall (library). There was a lot of activities such as ping pong quidditch, potions class, wand duelling, the goblet of fire and even real owls. We ended the night with a quiz and a chocolate frog it was lovely to see everyone dressed up.”

“I mostly enjoyed the duelling and seeing the owls, the food was delicious. Every part about the night was fun and enjoyable, I even made a new friend.”

“I really enjoyed the lovely food and drinks we got given, especially the sorting hat cupcake! I loved seeing the owls and playing all the Harry Potter related activities too.”

“It was awesome especially the owls and I loved the green drink we had at the start. I’d love to know what it is so I can buy more! Overall, I loved it.”

“I enjoyed it and it was fun. I particularly liked having the owl on my hand.”

A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising such an amazing event. A fantastic time was had by all. We look forward to welcoming many more students to our future library events to include Escape Rooms, CSI Murder Mysteries plus quizzes and of course a variety of reading groups to suit all tastes and abilities. If you want to find out more, keep an eye out in the Library, on the tutor notices, on our social media pages or speak to Mrs Gill and Miss Lynn.

Click on the image below to take a look at our gallery of all the wizarding fun!

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