We appreciate that students who are required to self-isolate can feel concerned about falling behind in their learning. This page sets out how we will support you during your time in self-isolation.

Year 7, 8, 9 (KS3)

Work for KS3 students will be set on Satchel:One for their subjects.  They should complete the work and then store it (electronically or in a folder) to take to their first lessons back in school. Students should avoid uploading work to Satchel:One as their teachers won’t be able to access it.

Year 10, 11 (KS4)

KS4 students will be set work directly by teachers on Satchel:One for their subjects. Students should complete the work and (if asked to by staff) upload their work onto Stachel:One when completed. In some subjects, such as Art, students will need to bring their work to the first lesson back after self-isolation.

Students should contact their teacher by school email (you can type in the teacher surname into the address bar and their address will appear automatically) if there are issues accessing the work.

Suggested Timetable

Suggested Timetable

We recommend that students create and stick to a timetable to help manage the workload and to keep in the habit of school work and a routine.

One way to do this would be to follow their own school timetable. Alternatively parents and students could decide together how to schedule learning and rest time during the isolation period.

Another way is to create a checklist of the work to be completed so that all subjects are covered over the course of a week. We have created example timetables at the following links: 
Example Timetable KS3
Example Timetable KS4

There are many other websites that can aid you with this and there are also different styles of templates that can be printed.

The following website has some useful ideas:

Printable Templates:
Template Home School Timetable

Where can I find the work being set by teachers?

All work will be set on Satchel:One. Resources are attached to the posts on this system. Additionally, the subject pages on our website contain additional resources (such as Knowledge Organisers for their topics) and other tasks that students can work through if they have already completed the work set.

This can be found in the Working Independently section towards the bottom of each subject page.

How do I access Satchel:One?

Satchel:One can be accessed online via their website and/or an app can be downloaded on your phone.
If you would like further help with Satchel:One, they have produced the following guides:

Help for students –

Help for parents –

What can I do if I am struggling to login?

Please see the link below for guidance on login details.
Homework Support

If you continue to experience problems then please contact Miss Brooks for Satchel:One issues.

When my child has completed their work, where should they send it?

For KS3, bring the work to the first lesson back after the self-isolation period has finished. For KS4, teachers will make it clear how they wish to receive work. Most KS4 teachers will want it either uploaded to Satchel:One or emailed to them so they can give comments and feedback. If you are unsure then either email the teacher directly or you can message them directly on Show My Homework. Students must email teachers using their school email account. For safeguarding reasons, teachers cannot respond to emails sent on personal email accounts.

Please note that some tasks (such as tests and quizzes) will be self-marking so results will be given immediately.

How do I find a teacher’s email address?

Staff email addresses are their first initial and surname followed by @ng6.unity-ed.uk. For example, Mr Darlow’s email would be: adarlow@ng6.unity-ed.uk

Please try to send work to teachers during normal school hours and on work days and be patient, they may not respond immediately. If you are concerned a teacher is not responding, please double check their email address and then contact the Head of Department for that subject.

Is there an overview of what I should be learning in all subjects?

Every subject has a curriculum map that shows what topics or skills are being covered every term for each year group. These can be assessed on the subject page links above. Every subject also has Knowledge Organisers attached to each unit; these contain core knowledge and this is the basic expectation of the knowledge a child should have after studying a unit. These can be accessed on every subject page at the links above.

What if my child has only just started work? Can they catch up?

Yes. By accessing the calendar on Satchel:One or the Overdue tasks section, past tasks can still be seen and completed. However, in this situation we recommend that your child starts with core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and works through those in the first instance. It would be useful if you could contact your child’s Head of Year and make them aware of the situation at this point so they can contact staff on your behalf and offer other support.

How long should I spend on home learning?

Every child will learn at a different rate and be able to focus for a different amount of time. However, as the school is setting the same amount of work as they would get through in the classroom, a homeschool day of 4-5 hours should cover the amount of work being set.

My child has SEN and is struggling – what should I do?

We appreciate that for some of our learners, self-isolation brings further challenges. We believe that you know your child best and must do what is best for them at this time. We would recommend that they continue to try the tasks being set, but that English, Maths and Science should be prioritised. If your child is doing other learning tasks not set by teachers and is working well this way then please let teachers know.

For further support from subjects please contact your child’s teacher using the links above or our SENCO at senco@northgate.norfolk.sch.uk

What ‘extra-curricular’ activities could I be doing with my child at home?

As we have seen in recent years, there are a huge number of resources being created and new ways to interact with the arts, museums, PE etc. Now is a great time to make the most of these and all of them should enhance and enrich the curriculum work being set. However, we do want to stress that these do not replace our curriculum or the tasks being set by teachers. School work should still take priority and be supplemented by other tasks. 

We also recommend the following websites as enrichment for our curriculum:

The National Theatre Live

The Royal Shakespeare Company

Natural History Museum Virtual Tour

The British Museum

Virtual Tours of UK landmarks

The Science Museum

The National Portrait Gallery

Yoga for Teenagers

Remote Learning

During these difficult times we are aiming to keep all staff and pupils save whether that is in school or online. In order to best ensure this we have reviewed our Remote learning and online safety policy.