Northgate High School were delighted to receive a visit from The High Sheriff of Norfolk, Michael Gurney, recently.  Mr Gurney, who was accompanied by The Mayor of Dereham, wanted to discuss with students about their experiences as young people, particularly during the pandemic.

Mr Gurney met with a selection of students from the School Council and it was very interesting for our students to have an open forum and discussion with Mr Gurney who in return was very interested about how, students had coped with and continue to cope with the pandemic. Additionally, he wanted the students’ opinions on the provisions that are available to them within the local community and any ideas they have about activities and support that could be offered to young people.

Mr Gurney’s visit was a great opportunity for students to see how their voice is being heard and showing that they can make an impact.

Mr Gurney also spent some time with Heads of School, Dr D Hone and Mrs Galley, to discuss the daily routine of school and the changes that have been made to accommodate the pandemic while ensuring that students are given the best opportunity possible during their time at Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form College.

Mr MacDonald, Alternative Provisions Coordinator, arranged for the visit to take place and was very pleased that The High Sheriff, along with the Mayor, were available to give their time to the school and students.

The High Sheriff was delighted with his time spent at school and left extremely grateful of the opportunity to engage with students, particularly at such a challenging time for schools. On leaving Mr Gurney said, “What a fantastic school, you should be proud!”