On Thursday 6th February, we held a Harry Potter Book Night Event after school in the Learning Hub. Harry Potter Book Night is a worldwide celebration of the wizarding world and a chance for fans to come together and share their love of the series. This year the theme for the event was the TriWizard Tournament.

We started off the event with some exciting activities which included designing a sock for Dobby, playing pin the scar on Harry and completing a Goblet of Fire themed crossword to put their Potter knowledge to the test. Students were then sorted into the respective Harry Potter Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. This was done using a mini sorting hat and the blindfolded selection of homemade coloured bracelets.











Once sorted into their houses, the students were presented with a wand, which they then had to decide what properties it would have in the wizarding world, such as what the core would be made of and what kind of magic it would be particularly good at.

When the students were equipped with their wands and sorted into their houses, we started our ‘TriWizard Tournament’.

The first hurdle of the tournament was to get their name into the Goblet of Fire, without crossing the “age line”, which meant that each team had to try and get as many paper airplanes or pieces of paper into the cup as possible, without crossing the barrier.

The first task involved designing a dragon based on a decorated egg each house they were given. The students had to make decisions on the visual style of the dragon, as well as any special abilities or powers it may have.

The second task was a treasure hunt throughout the English block. The teams had to then use logic and teamwork to solve a number of riddles in order to find where the names of a number of Harry Potter characters had been hidden.

The third and final task was a maze. A member of the team was blindfold, and had to be verbally directed through the maze by their team mate, collecting horcruxes and other Harry Potter themed objects along the way.











The event concluded with a quiz, which put to test the students’ Harry Potter knowledge.

Throughout the event, points were awarded to each house for winning the various games and activities. The final House competition winners were Hufflepuff, who received a Harry Potter themed prize at the end of the evening.

It was a great event, enjoyed by all who attended and it was a great way to celebrate and experience the franchise which is loved by so many people.