Unity Pledges

The Unity Pledges are our pledges that we will develop the ‘Unity Way’ through a focus on the Every Child Matters Agenda. The Pledge for Success Passport is how the community at Northgate High School promote and encourage everyone to embrace the opportunities that they are given and to be rewarded for their efforts. 

The Pledge for Success Passport is a framework for students to work towards their goals and to receive badges, certificates and prizes that recognise and celebrate their achievements. 

Students can work towards their bronze, silver and gold awards in KS3 and 4. 

We look forward to sharing stories of success with you over the coming months. 

These are our 4 key pledges: 

Pledge 1: Enjoy and achieve – Regularly attend school, enjoy enrichment activities and lessons and attend after school/lunchtime clubs and events

Pledge 2: Be healthy and stay safe – Take regular part in activity sessions, promote well-being and safety across the school

Pledge 3: Make a positive contribution – Take part in school productions or events, represent the school at community events and be actively involved in the school community

Pledge 4: Achieve economic wellbeing – Understand pathways to careeers, how to manage budgets and take part in enterprise activities