The Year 11 Geographers headed on a field trip at the beginning of November as part of their GCSE course. Prisha and Elizabeth tell us about what they got up to.

‘For our Geography GCSE course, the Year 11s journeyed to Winterton-on-Sea for their fieldtrip. On the 4th and 5th of November we travelled along the A47 to study and measure sand dunes. Our main objective was to measure whether the dunes were being affected by human activities. We set off at 9:30am and arrived promptly to see the golden sand and the on-looking sea. With the equipment unpacked and the groups formed, we started on our mission; to gather as much information as we could. After 2 hours of active working and a lively lunch, we trekked along the cliff to see the erosion that took place and some of the local affects it had. We did a little bit of seal spotting before heading home in time for the bell.’

The weather over the course of the two days was extremely varied with a number of downpours as well as wind and sunshine. However, this did not hamper the spirits of the keen geographers and they managed to collect all the data needed.

Dr Barrett, Head of Geography said, ‘The trip to Winterton was designed to enhance learning because it gave pupils the chance to consolidate their learning on the coasts and fieldwork sections of the course . This meant seeing how sand dunes changed dramatically from desert-like conditions at the front to a small wood at the back. We also got the chance to see the effects of coastal erosion on Winterton itself. We also practised fieldwork skills such as sampling and being accurate with use of equipment.

The pupils stood out for their resilience (especially on Thursday) and their readiness to work well from the start.

A big thank you to the Geography Department for organising the trip.