Last week a team of Year 8 students attended a ‘Women in engineering’ challenge day in Norwich, with students from a number of other schools. The challenge focussed on skills for energy.

Esme, Seren, Amilie, Kyra and Maisie tell us what they got up to. ‘We started the day by having a talk about renewable energy, designing and engineering. Then we had to construct and plan how to make a wind turbine. We had to think about the size and length of the propellers as well as the shape of the base. Our goal was to have the most spins of the turbine in a set amount of time.’

‘Next, we had a talk about nuclear energy, how nuclear power plants work and what jobs they offer. For this task, we made a pylon. We decorated it and made it fit the theme of renewable energy. Afterwards, when it was all over, awards were handed out. We also had the opportunity to ask any questions we had. The day was really fun and we had a great time. We learned lots about the jobs available in the field of renewable energy.’