During their GCSE course, our Geographers have the opportunity to go on different fieldtrips. The most recent one saw our Year 11s head to Winterton-on-Sea. Dr Barrett, Head of Geography, tells us more:

‘On the 7th and 8th November we travelled along the A47 to the sand dunes at Winterton. We were trying to work out, through fieldwork measurements, whether the dunes at Winterton were being affected by human activities. Winding our way through some very narrow spots, we arrived to light rain on both days. The trek to the fieldwork start point was worrying for some, fun for others but it was definitely fresh.

Soon the equipment was ready and it was time for the off. It very quickly became apparent that teamwork was going to be the key to how quickly each group would reach the back of the dunes. Some groups were up the first crest before others had worked out how to unravel the tape measures but all made it to the back in the end. Despite the cold, rain and rumours of adders (not likely in winter), the measurements and observations showed some clear areas whereas humans had had an impact. The trip also gave an excellent case study of how sand dunes change from front to back.’


Abi, Harriet and Evie who all attended the trip commented:

‘It was very interesting and useful, I learned lots.’

‘Other than it raining and being cold, it was fun!’

‘It was very good and helped me understand what information I needed to give in the exam.’