30 of our Year 7 boys have taken part in an initiative recently with Mrs Graves and Mrs Beasley. Game Changers is an initiative run by the University of East Anglia, designed to encourage Year 7 boys to focus on their aspirations and potential as future university students. The sessions covered topics such as degree courses and university types, accommodation and the learning process of a degree. They looked at the experiences of two UEA students, both from our area; and also asked UEA students a series of questions and received direct replies. Once restrictions allow, the students will visit the UEA so that they can see the campus in person. Well done to all who took part and to Mrs Graves and Mrs Beasley for providing this opportunity. Students were presented their certificates by Mrs Graves and Mr Darlow.


Here are some of comments from those that took part:

 Bruno said, ‘I learned that university can be achieved at the end of education and hard work. Taking part has made me believe in my educational potential more.’

Taylor B commented, ‘There are a lot of opportunities for what we can do in life. It will help me think about going to university in the future.’

Dylan M said, ‘I learned about the benefits of going to university. It has given me an idea of how to get there and how to do it. It’s given me a confidence boost as I now know that I can go there.’

Sea commented, ‘I have learned a lot of new things about university, I thought it would be exactly the same as college (which in that nature, it basically still is, just advanced). This course has made me believe that I can go to university, if I just step out of my comfort zone. My confidence has really gone up a lot.’