Earlier in the term our Year 7 netball team took part in a tournament against teams from other school. Mrs Green from the PE department said, ‘this year attendance at the netball club has been brilliant especially from the Year 7s. They have competed in one tournament so far with another coming up in the new year. The girls that played in this tournament did very well considering some of them are completely new to the sport since starting high school. Each game the girls showed progression from the last and showed great resilience when some of those games did not result in a win. I look forward to seeing them playing in the new year and throughout their time at Northgate.

Anna, Year 7, was part of the team at the tournament and gives us her perspective on how things went.

‘Not long after the time I joined the school’s netball team, I got the news that there was a netball tournament coming up. The next day the captain told me that I had been selected to go. It was very exciting to be able to go and play against other teams for the first time. In one match I played, I was a goalkeeper and in the other match wing defence. My favourite role is a goal keeper. At the tournament I had a lot of fun and despite the team not doing very well, it was definitely worth going and taking part. As it was our first tournament, I think we all did very well.’

Florence was also part of the team and said, ‘When I joined the school’s team I was excited to hear about the tournament. Even though we didn’t do very well i would say that we tried hard and we learnt a lot, as this was our first tournament. My favourite role to play in is centre and I’m proud of how my teammates performed. It was definitely worth going.’

Isla commented, ‘When I joined the team I was over the moon, finally something I can do after school. Not long after being chosen, we had our first game! Mrs Green chose me to be team captain which made me very proud and ready to do my best. When we got there, we were so excited but also nervous. We did our warm ups and were soon playing our first match. I personally loved playing against all the schools regardless of not doing very well. My favourite position to play in was goal defence. Overall, we played our hardest and had so much fun. Cannot wait to do it again soon!’