Number Day took place on Friday 2nd February across the country, where students came together to take part in different number-based activities and raise money for the NSPCC and Childline. A couple of weeks before Number Day, Miss Theobald gave an assembly to Year 7s highlighting the important work that the NSPCC and Childline do, being a listening ear to children who may have been abused or need someone to take to about their worries or problems. You can find out more about what happens when you ring Childline in their video here. Services such as Childline are not able to run without the support and generosity of the public which is where we come in. Over the last 8 years, Year 7s at Northgate have raised a fantastic £2572!

This year, students had the chance to take part in some brain gym number aerobics to get not only their body warmed up but the brain as well. It was great fun watching them have a go and staff joining in too (in particular the enthusiastic PE department). In fact, Mr Mason said some Head Teachers from the cluster peered in through the hall doors and thought it was a PE lesson! Next up was the all-important quiz. Not only were students competiting for their House Team, they were also competing against others in their teaching groups. When the quiz was finished everyone was given a different coordinate to create a coordinate grid. At various points certain coordinates had to stand up and we noticed horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines being produced. Linear graphs were being created, an area of Maths which will be studied in the future. Finally they played ‘a very strange game’ where different actions had to be done depending on the type of number being displayed, eg stand up if it’s prime, fold arms if it’s a multiple of 4, arms in the air if it is odd and hum if it’s a square number. Year 7 were absolutely fantastic, everyone was joining in and having fun with their Maths.

In PART lesson, all tutor groups were invited to take part in the hotly contested form quiz. Competiting against the other tutor groups in their year group, titles were at stake. Some tutors in particularly were very competitive having won on a number of occasions in the past. With questions being a little trickier this year, it was a tight competition, but the following tutor groups triumphed. They received a certificate, prize and bragging rights for the year! Well done to everyone who took part!

Year 11 – 11SE , Year 10 – 10AH , Year 9 – 9MST, Year 8 – 8CMY , Year 7 – 7JST.

In the Year 7 Celebration Assembly, results were announced for the quiz. Winners from each teaching group received a certificate and prize:

7N – Samuel

7O – Harley

7R – Bailey

7T – Kyle

7G – Tobie + John

7A – Joshua

7L – Jessica

The House Competition results were as follows:

1st – Rowling

2nd – Attenborough

3rd – Holmes

4th – Hawking

A big thank you to everyone who took part and to Miss Theobald for organising the activities. Well done to Year 7 who raised an impressive £229.20 which is now on its way to help with the work the NSPCC and Childline do!