Earlier in the term our Year 7 students had the opportunity to work on their communication, team work skills and build confidence with Camouflaged Learning (Partnered with the RAF youth and STEM learning). Many students were outside their comfort zone completing the various activities, working with others that they may not ordinarily work with, but they showed true Northgate resilience and completed each task to a high standard. The sessions also taught our students about communication and that this doesn’t just involve using words.

As you can see from the reviews below from some of the tutor groups, our Year 7s thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and took a lot from them.

A big thank you to Camouflaged Learning for delivering such fun and interactive workshops and showing the students, it’s OK to be pushed outside your comfort zone and do something a bit different.


Lottie – ‘I met a lot of new people which was great!’

Zak – ‘I loved playing Squadron Scrabble because it was fast paced and competitive.’

Megan – ‘I enjoyed playing the screaming game because it was fun being allowed to de-stress.’



Shea – ‘I enjoyed the physical activity during the session, it made a difference to our other lessons. The games helped our communication skills and made us self-reflect on our behaviour and attitude in school’

Goncalo – ‘The session leader was humorous and energetic, which made the session enjoyable’ ‘the games made us think of alternative methods of communication, although this was a bit tricky at times’

Florence – ‘We learnt techniques to calm our mind, like blow out the candle, without blowing out the flame. The speaker was kind and acknowledged students throughout the session.’



Evie – ‘I liked the activities that we did and I also found the clapping and stomping activity challenging because we had to all stay in a line.’

Neve – ‘I really liked the STEM day as it was really fun and it was good getting to know everyone and explore outside our comfort zone.’

Megan – ‘I liked the STEM RAF day because it gave me the opportunity to be in groups with other people. I really enjoyed the day as well because I thought that the games were really fun. I mostly enjoyed the game where we had to order ourselves like in height or age order.’

Bethany – ‘I likes the games that we played. I think that it was hard to leave your friends and go with other people.’

Erin – ‘I liked the games on the RAF dat and it was fun the whole way through. I liked how we got told that we could get a prize if we won. I think that the day was a good idea and I would want to do it again.’

Alfie – ‘I liked the games we played and it was fun.’

Amelia – ‘Some parts were tiring but it was fun. It was interesting when we could not use words or our hands to tell your group your birthday and get into age order.’



Zak – ‘Nervy had good energy and was funny throughout the session.’

Amelia – ‘I enjoyed all the games we played because they were different to any that I have played before’

Nora – ‘He taught us to control our breathing in stressful situations, this was a useful skill to apply to our own situations and we were able to see how people within the RAF manage these emotions too’

Jude – ‘He told us how the littlest things can turn into the skills we need to survive’

Isla – ‘I found it impressive how he didn’t promote RAF explicitly, however lead with the skills through enjoyable activities’

Florence ‘I loved how he made us get out of our comfort zone by getting us to work with and socialise with new people. I even made a new friend because of this’