During the summer holidays, many of our Year 7 students spent a week in school for our Flying Start Summer School. The week, which took place from 5thto 9th August, was an opportunity for the students to make new friends, get used to the school environment and experience some fun and engaging sessions to give them a sneak peek at what to expect in September.

The pupils took part in a number of sessions in various subjects including Drama, English, Maths and PE. Focusing on the theme ‘Around the World’, students had the chance to explore the skills involved in planning a holiday in Maths, explore new sports in a mini highland games and decorate world themed biscuits in Food Technology. Research sessions in the Learning Hub creating fact files and travel adverts, and mini medics first aid sessions were also on offer. Students spent time in Drama creating scenes based on Matilda, our upcoming mini-musical, and in English they were challenged to write their own poems.

The students also had the opportunity to put their general knowledge and map reading skills to the test in our QR code hunt, as well as practice their creativity in a junk modelling task. Their team building skills were put to the test in a number of games including capture the flag.

The week was rounded off with a special presentation to parents, celebrating all of the students’ hard work. They performed their Matilda scenes and were presented with a certificate to recognise their participation in Summer School.

When asked about their week, some of the students said:

“It was great fun!”

“I have made loads of new friends”

“I really enjoyed the week, and it was a great way to get to know the school”

“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had”

“It’s helped me feel ready for high school”

 A big thank you to all the staff who were involved in the planning and running of the week!