Our Geography students have plenty of opportunities to complete field work throughout their time at Northgate. Recently our Year 8 students headed to Cambridge.

Mrs Ellis, from the Geography Department said, ‘The Year 8 Geography field trip to Cambridge was a chance for pupils to undertake some urban field work. Throughout the day the Year 8s were able to make observations and recordings about the environmental quality, the sights, the sounds and the smells of different locations within Cambridge. Using this information they were able to see that Cambridge is a fascinating city which includes a great variation in the services that it offers a range of users such as tourists, shoppers, students and people who work in the area.’

Annabelle commented, ‘Cambridge was great! We went to five different places in total and we answered a few questions at each location. We had a break after two places and lunch after one more; where we could have a look around the market and get something if we wanted. We went to the other two places after lunch, then the coaches arrived and we came back. I really enjoyed seeing all the different places around Cambridge and learning some facts about them too! The questions that we answered were all about the geography of Cambridge – mainly about your senses (what you can see, hear and smell). Some of the places that we went to were a bit muddy, and sometimes it was hard to answer some of the questions, but overall I really enjoyed the trip!’

Ella, who also attended, said ‘When we went to Cambridge it was really fun. We each got a booklet and we had to write down what we could see, hear and smell. At lunch time we got to go round the market, it was really cool as we got to try lots of different foods. I really enjoyed going and I would definitely do it again!’

Jack enjoyed the trip commenting that, ‘Cambridge was a lovely immersive experience with beautiful buildings and lovely food. Our work tested the sights, sounds and smells of the areas that we stopped at. Cambridge is a lovely place and I would recommend going there!’

A big thank you to the Geography Department for organising this opportunity and well done to all students who completed the work to such a good standard.