Places have characteristics. For example, Wells is a busy tourist town with a large sandy, flat beach nearby. The “Lanes” in Norwich have many narrow streets with small shops selling specialist products such as vegan food or cameras. Our Year 8 Geographers headed to Cambridge to evaluate different places for their character. To do this they used their senses to assess the sights, sounds and smells of Cambridge. Once done, students used this information to decide, for themselves and their group, which is the best part of Cambridge. For many, this was their first experience of completing fieldwork. Armed with their work books, they had plenty of tasks to complete.

Mia and Daisy were two Year 8s who went on the trip, here’s what they had to say:

When I arrived in Cambridge, I was so excited because although I’d driven through there once, I hadn’t stopped to look around. The coach stopped near the river so we walked over the bridge. On the riverbank I spotted a heron which was really lucky as they’re quite rare where I live.

Once we arrived at the market, I was overwhelmed by the smell of cooking food and lovely scenery. After the teacher let us investigate and finish the work for the site my friend said there were these things called ‘Dinky Doors’ hidden around Cambridge! We found one in between two telephone boxes, a small door like a Time Machine.

While we were discovering the popular areas and the fascinating architecture in three separate groups, we had taken notes of the characteristics of each individual place we went to such as our observations, the different smells there, what we could hear and the popularity. We walked through most of Cambridge and got the chance to discover 5 areas that were all very interesting to see!

It was really exciting to explore! I had never been to Cambridge before and I enjoyed how it contrasted to other places because I love to go to new areas! My favourite place we walked to was called Christ’s Pieces because there was plenty of nature and I loved the natural smell and the relaxing sounds from the birds! I even found another Dinky Door by the river which I think represents the nature of Christ’s Pieces.

During our lunch, all of the Year 8s gathered in the market to eat lunch and buy food as well as souvenirs like magnets or jewellery! It was also nice to meet up with all of our friends and classmates. A lot of people went to buy Bubble Tea, a type of Asian drink from one of the stalls!

When we went to the river, I saw several types of birds as well as a lovely swan who was very protective of its family!

Overall, I found the trip to Cambridge very educational and enjoyable since there was so much to do and see in every area we went to! I wish I could have spent more time there and I hope to come back soon!

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